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  • VLS Academy is a leading provider of accredited further and higher education Childcare Courses and Healthcare Courses. We specialise in the delivery of online programmes which are tailored to meet the needs of our learners and employers. Our lecturers are highly experienced with qualifications ranging from degree to PHD level. Learners are further supported by a highly experienced administration team during their chosen course of study and subject matter expert training consultants during the registration process.

    Blockchain - Web3 Courses required to execute Blockchain Technology professions is the focus of Blockchain - Web3. Online training is made easier by the use of training software. This placement training course will provide you with an in-depth practical understanding of the most recent technologies like Blockchain, NFT, Defi,etc.

    VLS Academy's Courses

    Smart Contract Developer

    VLS Academy provide Smart Contract Developer Course is a skilled professional who understands and knows what Smart Contracts are and how to efficiently program them for any Blockchain platform.

    Smart Contract Developer is an exhaustive training and exam-based program that aims to provide proof-of-knowledge to the certificate holder within the blockchain space.


    Level 5 childcare
    Level 5 childcare

    Decentralized Application (DApp)

    A decentralized application (dApp) is a type of distributed open source software application that runs on a peer-to-peer (P2P) blockchain network rather than on a single computer.

    The decentralized nature of dApps means that once a developer has released a dApp's codebase, others can build on top of it.


    Blockchain Consulting

    A blockchain consultant helps new blockchain firms develop growth strategies. They give advice about developing and implementing key blockchain strategies that can optimize business efficiency.

    Consultants first educate their clients about blockchain technology, its underlying principles, and how it works.


    Level 5 childcare
    Level 5 childcare

    Tokenization Solutions

    Tokenization in blockchain refers to the issuance of a blockchain token, also known as a security or asset token. Blockchain tokens are digital representations of real-world assets. A real-world asset is tokenized when it is represented digitally as cryptocurrency./p>

    Real estate tokenization allows investors to purchase fractions of a property represented as digital tokens.


    NFT Developer

    VLS Academy provide NFT stands for non-fungible tokens that are created by using the similar type of programming used for cryptocurrencies. NFTs are cryptographic tokens, and they exist on the blockchain.

    Because of their uniqueness, they are digital assets that cannot be “replaced” (they are non-fungible).Non-physical certificates of authenticity can purchase real-world articles like artwork or real estate codes that are not changeable.


    Level 5 childcare
    Level 5 childcare

    DeFi Developer

    VLS Academy provide DeFi This certification is designed to learn and understand DeFi (Decentralized Finance) from fundamental perspectives.

    As the field of Decentralized Finance evolves with time, this certification will make sure that you benefit from gaining in-depth awareness of DeFi, its services and apps, its lending protocols, and use cases.


    Digital Marketing in Blockchain

    VLS Academy provide Digital Marketing in Blockchain is a unique training and certification specially designed to demonstrate how Blockchain can revolutionize digital marketing.

    This course focuses on the core concepts of digital marketing and Blockchain technology.


    Level 5 childcare
    Level 5 childcare

    Cryptocurrency Expert

    VLS Academy provide A Cryptocurrency is a decentralized digital currency system which uses a peer-to-peer network to avoid double spending and stores information immutably.

    Cryptocurrency Expert is an advanced level certification and training rendering expertise on Cryptocurrencies and digital assets.


    Blockchain Solution Architect

    VLS Academy provide A Blockchain Solution Architect is a professional who specializes in designing and implementing blockchain-based solutions for various industries and use cases.

    A Blockchain Solution Architect is responsible for translating business requirements into technical specifications and designing a blockchain infrastructure that aligns with the organization's goals.


    Level 5 childcare
    Level 5 childcare

    Blockchain Architect

    VLS Academy provide A Blockchain Architect design blockchain solutions and define infrastructure as well as security requirements.

    With the aid of this certification, Blockchain Architects will be better able to put their theoretical and practical knowledge to use and get hands-on experience with all areas of Blockchain development.


    Placement Support

    Our placement team will assist you in securing a position in one of the leading MNC companies.

    Hands on Training

    To make the training more active, VLS Academy offers live online training.

    Expert Trainers

    We offer a wide variety of training courses taught by more than 100 licensed professionals.

    Trusted Globally

    VLS Academy has satisfied customers across the globe, with Project service standards.

    VLS Academy

    Blockchain Courses: Blockchain academies offer a range of courses covering different aspects of blockchain technology, including blockchain development, cryptocurrency, smart contracts, consensus mechanisms, and blockchain applications in various industries.

    Certifications: Many blockchain academies provide certification programs that validate a person's knowledge and skills in blockchain technology. These certifications can be valuable for career advancement.

    Hands-On Training: Some blockchain academies offer hands-on training and workshops, allowing participants to gain practical experience in developing blockchain applications and working with blockchain platforms.

    Blockchain Research: Some academies engage in blockchain research and development projects, contributing to the advancement of the technology and its applications.

    Networking: Blockchain academies often facilitate networking opportunities, enabling students and professionals to connect with others in the blockchain industry.

    Industry Expertise: Blockchain academies may have instructors and experts with real-world experience in blockchain projects, providing valuable insights into the industry.

    Customized Training: Some blockchain academies offer customized training programs tailored to the specific needs of businesses or organizations looking to implement blockchain solutions.

    Online and On-Site Learning: Depending on the academy, courses may be offered both online and in physical locations to accommodate different learning preferences.

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